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A zine, a card, a notebook and some salve
Happy Love ❤️ Yourself Day! Celebrate with your own self-care kit. To many of us marginalized people today is rough & represents capitalism’s attempt to commodify love and its associated self-policing that happens in relationships … so in rejection of the patriarchy which tells us we are property we are celebrating self-love by offering our self-love kits for $20 (we know capitalism sux, we’d give them away if possible). These kits include a hand bound notebook to write your personal thoughts, your choice of zine, a card for you to send to yourself & arnica, st johns, lavender salve to sooth your skin, nerves & sore muscles.

To buy online click here, purchase and email us your selections and how to get them to you. Email us at qtpocradcare at gmail dotcom with questions.

Zines are sliding scale $2-5 plus shipping:

Notebooks: $5-7

Patches and clothes:

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