About us

The Collective of Geniuses, CoG, is a not for profit. Please consider donating through our fiscal nonprofit to help support our work that is built from our blood, sweat and often tears.


CoG mission is to seek out artists with intersecting identities and create space for them to flourish in creating work and create a voice, a history. CoG believes that art and health are intrinsically linked. CoG provides an infrastructure for community based organizing. We plan to offer opportunities and fiscal sponsorship for individuals to create their own projects and programming. Primarily CoG seeks to engage queer and trans artists, who are also people of color, indigenous and/or have a disability and/or other intersecting identities such as a drug user or sex worker and create space for them to flourish in creating work and a voice, a history. CoG also creates programming to provide better health and social services to those most disenfranchised by society through creating leadership and economic opportunities as well as direct outreach and services.

In the past we have created gallery shows, poetry readings, a mobile crafts market as well as full run and short run theatre programs. Cog is space where artists with intersectional identities lead the charge so what happens often depends on who is involved! Check out some of our past work here.

We are currently working on three projects:

One to create a physical space for us to make product and otherwise have events and create art in.

Second getting our commerce website up and running so that people can explore the products our fabulous artists have put their heart and soul into making. The products that will soon be available are zines, t-shirts, buttons, notebooks, magnets and more.

Third to secure nonprofit status so we can fiscally sponsor projects by our constituency.

Want to get involved? Drop us a line: