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Rad Care is a project of CoG.

Rad Care
Smitty Buckler


Rad Care Presents Oratio Imperata

[Seattle, WA] – Rad Care presents Oratio Imperata, a Podcast on OratioImperata.org as well as a ceremony and dance performance March 2nd and 3rd at the Rendezvous.

Rad Care in collaboration with Collective of Geniuses (CoG) and SWOP Seattle is proud to bring Oratio Imperata to Rendezvous on March 2nd and 3rd featuring Rev. Austin Adkinson invoking liturgical action beseeching an end to this calamity we are surviving, to end our grave need for our basic needs. Further dance invocation by Baphomet, Zee St.James, Smitty Buckler and more. This ceremony is a double featuring with the Art of Activism at the blank annual at the Seattle Area Sex Worker Symposium (SASS). Tickets to Oratio Imperata are $20 presale, $25 day of and the rest of SASS can be found at http://www.swop-seattle.org/sass. This event is 21+.


Rev. Austin Adkinson (chaplain@pan-eros.org) is a key leader in the United Methodist Queer Clergy Caucus, a member of the Pan-Eros United Methodist Queer Clergy Caucus, an educator with Consent Academy, a member of the Pan-Eros Foundation board, and the pastor of Haller Lake UMC in north Seattle. When not involved in this and other social justice work or nerding out on scripture that didn’t make it into the New Testament, they might be found taking a break by downhill skiing or snagging some introvert time.

Smitty Buckler is an amalgamation of grey area politicized identities. They express themselves through the intersections of being an artist, organizer, writer, performer, dancer, coder, researcher, healer, and advocate. They have been creating opportunities for qtpoc spectrum artists since 2005 through the Collective of Geniuses (CoG). CoG is now working to bridge the gap between art as social change and essential healing tools with a project called Rad Care. Enthusiasts of Smitty say among their other qualities, one is phlebotomizing the patriarchy of all its evil blood, replacing it with liquid glitter. This is apparent in their art and the fierceness they bring to intersectional activism.

Baphomet is new to the stage in this manifestation. They bring street realness in their sexy arrogant lyrical dance style influenced by Isaiah Tillman, ate9, and Dani Tirrell. Once you get a taste, you are going to want more so get tickets for both nights.

Zee St. James is an enby sex worker from Detroit who dabbles in community organizing. While they grew up in the performing arts, they took an abrupt hiatus a few years ago. Using movement for the purpose of trauma healing, they explore grief, disability, and gender drag of sex work.

Cory Cocktail is a performer and non-binary kink professional, international adventure consultant and that is all they are going to tell us so more of a surprise.

2/27 Performance at OtB


I will be labbing my dance work for OratioImperata.org

Performance Lab
Wed, Feb. 27 at 7pm

Since its founding On the Boards has hosted various performance series — Choreography Etc, 12 Min Max, and Open Studio — that allow local artists to share new works and works-in-progress. In the 18/19 Season we’re relaunching this program as the Performance Lab, a quarterly series that includes facilitated feedback for artists along with an opportunity for each artist to discuss their performance with the audience.

This edition of Performance Lab is curated by Charles Smith, OtB’s Director of Program Management, and features performances by:

Harmony Wolfe
Peter Kohring
Tommer Peterson
Smitty BucklerVenue: Studio Theater

100 W Roy St 
Seattle, WA 98119

Enter on W Roy St

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